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Your customers will be here. Chances are, your potential customers will be here, too—both looking to get out of jams and into new supplier relationships. And you can be quite sure your competition will be here with display ads and banners looking to attract them.

So, where will you be?

In this industry, the smart money’s on the Global Industry Guide and Global Guide ONLINE. This unique Tobacco Reporter combination package provides instant industry contact information in print as well as online. And the only way to access our ONLINE Guide is by using the password in the printed Guide, so no purchasing office can afford to be without one. No other tobacco trade journal offers this comprehensive, up-to-the-minute approach to marketing your goods and services.

Want to really stand out from the crowd?

Beef up your print listing with a clutter-busting display ad that gives you all the space you need to tell the story you want to tell.

Or add more spice to your online listing with any of the large variety of color, banner, and link options available to Global Guide ONLINE advertisers. ONLINE listings also give you the option of updating information weekly, which can be very useful when personnel retire, telephone codes change, or your company acquires a former competitor.